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What is the penalty for Driving with Disqualified License?

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According to 2016 amendment of Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1988, in certain situations a Driver’s License may be suspended. So always follow the rules and drive carefully, if you don’t want to be left without Driving License even temporarily.

Driving With Disqualified DL:

In case you’re driving license has been disqualified and you are caught driving, you will have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000. This has been hiked from Rs 500 previously.

Situations for Driving License Suspension:

Your Driving License is liable for suspension by a minimum of 3 months’ duration; under following circumstances.

  1. Driving beyond the designated Speed Limit for a Vehicle Category or violation of Traffic Signaling System.
    • The speed limit violation is identified by Roadside Traffic Police vehicles provisioned with Speed Analysis Devices (Speedometers). The process of apprehension and booking in such case is an outcome of a Twin-Team action. One mapping team, checks for limit violations with equipment inside the Police Vehicle. The next team deployed at almost 200 meters away from the mapping spot, stops the violating vehicle for checking and issuing a challan (if required).
    • In case of Traffic signaling violation (like jumping a red light), the spot Traffic Police Officials, can stop and act according to the provisions of laws in such cases.
  2. Overloading of Commercial Transport Vehicle or plying passengers with a Commercial Goods Carrier.
    • The State Road Transport Departments have been acknowledged by Motor Vehicles Act and Indian Penal Code for regulating overloaded commercial vehicles. The Traffic Police Departments of the respective state are only entitled to take any action if the overloading of vehicle escapes the physical bounds of vehicle area and obstructs other vehicles on the road, thereby creating hazardous circumstances.
    • An overloaded vehicle is only allowed to continue its course; after unloading excess load. The expenses of Unloading, Inventory and subsequent Handling/Transportation of the excess load will have to be incurred by the offender in this case.
  3. Driving under Alcoholic or any other Narcotic/Psychotropic Substance Influence.
    • Traffic Police Officials, or State Police Officials present on the spot, can stop your vehicle and request a “Breathe Analyzer Test” or take you to Local Police station or Government Hospital and have your blood tested for BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) Limit. They may take subsequent action as well after the blood test has been done.
  4. Usage of Mobile Phone while driving.
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