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“Long Drive Lead to a Tragedy”

As per some news reports,  A combination of sheer arrogance and negligence has led to the death of four people on the Purvanchal Expressway...

What are the main qualities of a Good Driver?

Driving a vehicle is an achievement for many, and although this might not happen until later in life, it’s empirical to learn to be...

Do’s and Don’ts for Motorists

Motorist is another word for "driver." Motorists need to be aware of pedestrians and stay out of bike lanes. Do’s Always follow the traffic signal. GREEN -Go, AMBER...

Road safety tips for Children

Children are more susceptible to the dangers of road. It is not solely the drivers of the vehicles who cause accidents but carelessness of...

Road safety tips for Pedestrians

Though Pedestrian is the most important constituent of traffic, he belongs to high risk group on road. In order to remain safe from perils...

How many types of Number Plates are there in India?

You may have seen various coloured number plates for different kinds of vehicles. But, ever wondered what these colours mean? Well, let us tell you...

How do you hold the steering Wheels?

Holding your steering wheel properly is one of the most critical steps you can take to ensure a safe drive. The wheel controls your...

What Are The Powers of Traffic Official?

Introduction: As a wise man once said, roads of a country indicate its development. The Indian road network is the second largest road network in the...

What is the role of traffic police in road safety?

A police officer is a warranted law employee of police force. Police officers are generally charged with the apprehension of criminals, prevention and detection...

Why should you never ignore Dashboard Warning Light?

1.     To save unwanted expenditures If you follow your dashboard signs and take the steps to solve the issue, your car will be saved from...