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Do’s and Don’ts for Motorists


Motorist is another word for “driver.” Motorists need to be aware of pedestrians and stay out of bike lanes.


  • Always follow the traffic signal. GREEN -Go, AMBER after green – Slow down (as signal is turning red), RED – Stop.
  • When signal is RED, halt before STOP line keeping clear of zebra crossing which is reserved for pedestrians to cross the road.
  • Countdown timer at traffic signal – Purpose is fuel saving and reduced air & noise pollution. Switch off engine at Red signal. Restart engine and be ready when 4-5 seconds remain. Proceed only when signal turns Green.
  • There is no free left. Turn left only when there is signal to do so
  • U-turn is also not free left. Take U-turn only when there is signal and no oncoming traffic.
  • When you have to turn right, see that you gradually change direction and are in the right lane by the time you reach the road junction. Similarly for turning left you should be in the left lane at the junction.
  • When you want to turn, give appropriate direction indicator signal. For 2-wheeler, better to have additional buzzer for the indicator. Hand signal is also necessary during day time as indicator may not be visible.
  • Reduce speed substantially while turning.
  • Road is sub-divided in to vehicle lanes marked by dashed lines. Follow lane discipline and stick to the lane you have chosen. (Lack of lane discipline and constant changing of lanes is also a major reason for traffic congestion)
  • Give indicator / hand signal even when changing lanes.
  • Giving indicator signal for turning or lane changing does not mean that you get the right to change lane immediately. First check in the rear view mirror that there are no vehicles approaching from behind in the direction you intend to turn. Also check that the path ahead is clear for the turn or change of lane.
  • When approaching blind corner, honk horn to caution unseen vehicle and also slow down.
  • Overtaking is a major cause of accidents. Hence as far as possible avoid overtaking. If it is necessary, follow the correct procedure.
  • Always overtake all 4-wheelers and heavy vehicles from the right side as left side is blind side for the driver.
  • First check that the path for overtaking is clear.
  • Give horn signal to alert the driver of vehicle ahead that you intend to overtake.
  • Wait for his signal giving you clearance to overtake.
  • Give indicator signal for change of lane.
  • Check in the rear view mirror that there are no vehicles approaching from behind.
  • Overtake smoothly by accelerating sufficiently.
  • Do not abruptly turn to land in front of the vehicle you have overtaken. Even after having cleared the vehicle you have overtaken, travel straight for some distance and then gradually change lane giving indicator signal first.
  • If any vehicle wants to overtake your vehicle, slow down and give side.
  • In case of emergency service vehicles such as fire engine or ambulance with siren, immediately slow down and take your vehicle aside to allow the fire , engine/ambulance to go ahead on priority.
  • Watch out for potholes on road and manholes with either raised or sunken covers. Also for speed-breakers which may not have white stripe markings.
  • Don’ts

  • Do not overtake bus which has halted at the bus stop – wait behind it till it moves.
  • Do not jump traffic signals.
  • Do not halt on the zebra crossing at traffic signals.
  • Do not stand chatting on road in clusters.
  • Do not jump signals.
  • Do not encroach on zebra when halting at signals.
  • Do not enter NO ENTRY road
  • Do not take Right turn or U-turn where prohibited.
  • Do not drive on wrong side of road against traffic to avoid detour due to road divider.
  • Do not drive very close to road divider.
  • Do not overtake where prohibited.
  • Do not stop suddenly midway on road.
  • Do not cross railway line when signal is red and gate is closed.
  • No rash overtaking.
  • No lane cutting.
  • No zig-zag driving.
  • No racing on road.
  • No stunts on road .
  • No triple seat driving on 2-wheeler.
  • No sudden acceleration and abrupt braking.
  • No driving side by side with your friend’s vehicle.
  • No driving while talking with your friend on another vehicle.
  • No fun and frolic in vehicle- whether driving or as pillion rider /passenger.
  • No driving on footpath or cycle track.
  • No fancy horns.
  • No unnecessary honking on road especially at traffic signals.
  • No playing of loud music in car when on road. (Better to avoid music totally as it distracts the attention of driver).
  • No fancy number plates.
  • No extra powerful head lights, fog lights which blind the drivers of traffic on opposite side.
  • Check ‘No-parking’, ‘P1-P2’ boards, zebra crossing and ensure that you park only where allowed.
  • No parking on footpaths, cycle tracks. Now very heavy fine of Rs 1000
  • Do not park vehicle at road corner which can make it a blind corner and also cause hindrance to turning vehicles.
  • Do not park vehicles on road in clusters and stand there chatting.
  • Do not argue with the traffic police -“have not violated rule, why other person let off scot-free etc.”.
  • No road rage. Keep your head cool.
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