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How many traffic symbols are there?

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Traffic signs are the salient speakers, preventing drivers and pedestrians from fatal risks on the road. More than 400 road accidents occur daily on Indian roads that cost lives and 3% of total annual GDP.

Therefore, it is important to know 3 main categories of traffic signs in India to ensure road safety.

Here we have listed details about traffic signs in a consolidated form to make it easier to understand.

 1.Mandatory Traffic Signs: 

As the title suggests, this set of road traffic signs are obligatory for drivers to follow. The purpose of mandatory traffic signboards is the smooth functioning of traffic on the road. In fact, violating any mandatory traffic signs is punishable by law.

2.  Cautionary Traffic Signs:

The goal of cautionary traffic signs is to warn drivers of any potential threat on the road ahead, like road work, potholes, and speed bumps. While these things are not inherent, accidents could occur if one doesn’t slow down their vehicle. Hence, you must take cautionary road traffic signs as seriously as the mandatory ones.

3.  Informative Signs:

Informative signs serve to aid any drivers without a map or knowledge of the facilities available in the area they are driving in. They can help guide drivers by offering directions or telling them about hospitals, public phones, and parking spots in the area.

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