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How much will be fined if he/she not wearing a seat belt while driving?

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There may be an instance where you end up breaking the traffic rules and regulations like not wearing a seat belt while driving a car. In this scenario, a challan is issued against the person as a penalty for violating the traffic law. It is crucial to abide by the traffic rules, however, in case you have violated them, you need to pay the challan for it. You can submit the challan for driving without wearing a seat belt either offline or online. Get complete and updated challan details below for not wearing a seat belt during driving.

Fine for Driving Without Seat Belt in India

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, driving a vehicle without a seat belt is a serious traffic violation and hence illegal in India. Lately, the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 has been amended as a result of which the traffic fines have been increased.

Driving without a seatbelt can now attract a fine up to Rs 1000 which was earlier only Rs 100. Along with this, the traffic police can also seize the vehicle or cease the driving licence. However, the penalty may vary from one state to another. In some states, driving without a seatbelt can also draw a punishment of up to three months imprisonment.

How to Pay Driving Without a Seat Belt Challan in India?

If you are caught driving without wearing a seatbelt in India, the traffic police may stop your vehicle and request your documents such as DL and RC. Once the traffic police verify the documents, they may release a challan against your name. The challan issued by the local police needs to be submitted within the grace period. The challan can be paid offline at the traffic police station or online from the transport website of the state.

·         Online Process

For online submission of challan for not wearing a seat belt, the below-mentioned steps can be followed:

Step 1: Open the Transport Department website of your state
Step 2: Press the Challan or Traffic Violation Payment button
Step 3: Submit either your Challan Number or Vehicle Number
Step 4: Go through complete details about the challans
Step 5: Choose the mode of payment
Step 6: Submit the payment online
Step 7: Download the receipt for future reference

·         Offline Process

You can submit the challan offline for not wearing the seat belt and here’s the complete guide on it:

Step 1: Go to your local Traffic Police Station
Step 2: Ask them the details of the challan
Step 3: Go through the details and submit the payment
Step 4: Keep the receipt safely for future reference

Driving Without Seat Belt Fine in Different States

The penalty for driving a vehicle without a seat belt was Rs 100 however, with the amendment in the Motor Vehicles Act, the fines have been increased and the challan for this traffic violation has been increased. The challan rates vary from one state to another and the table below illustrates the fines for some of the states:

States Traffic Fine (Rs)
Delhi 1000
Haryana 1000
Uttar Pradesh 1000
Punjab 1000
Maharashtra 1000
Andhra Pradesh 1000
Karnataka 500
Telangana 1000

Tips to Avoid Seat Belt Challan

A person while driving a vehicle should act responsibly and should not put his own life at risk. Traffic violations can be avoided and here are some tips to avoid the challan:

  • Wear the seat belt for your own safety
  • Ask the co-passenger in the car to wear it too
  • Wear the lap belt low below the stomach and across the hips
  • Wear the shoulder belt away from the neck over your collarbone
  • Adjust the shoulder belt for a better fit
  • Loose belts can lead to injuries like broken ribs


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