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How much is the penalty for overloading of Two-wheelers?


New Motor Vehicles Rules 2019 will come into force from September 1 and the fine for overloading of two wheeler vehicles Rs 100 to Rs 2,000.

Overloading on Two wheelers is not a new concept in Bengaluru, or anywhere in India, for that matter. We often overload our cars, motorbikes, autorickshaws etc. without once thinking about just how dangerous this habit is, for ourselves and for other road users.

However, the new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019, seeks to hike the penalty for traffic infringement. It has now penalized hefty amount for overloading in the two wheeler.

The Bill also aims to improve road safety, facilitate citizens in their dealings with transport departments, strengthen rural transport, public transport and last-mile connectivity through automation, computerization and online services.

What is the fine for overloading of two wheelers?

Under section 194C of Motor Vehicle Act 2019, if you are riding a two-wheeler along with two other people, this is called overloading of two-wheelers, and the fine for this is Rs 2000. Along with this, your license will be disqualified for three months.

Hopefully with this, people would now be more careful before riding their two-wheelers without helmets or overloading it with more than two people. Not only this, but situations like drunken driving, dangerous driving, speeding, and racing the vehicles would also be penalized with heftier fines.

 Overloading of a two-wheeler carries a fine of Rs. 2000 and disqualification of your driving license for 3 months.


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