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What Are The Most Common Driving Test Faults?


Failing a driving test can be a tough experience, and it can knock your confidence, especially if you’ve failed a number of times. The key to passing your test is to practice as much as you can, read up on the common driving test mistakes and try your best not to give up or get discouraged.
In this guide, we’ll be explaining the different types of driving tests faults you could make. We’ll also provide you with a list of the top 10 reasons people fail their driving test and examples of minor and major faults, so you know what to look out for.

Driver faults

Driver faults or minor faults as they were previously known are faults that do not have the potential to become dangerous. Driver faults have no significant impact on you, your vehicle, the examiner, other road users or property.
You can also fail the driving test if you repeatedly make the same minor fault. Making the same minor fault over and over again demonstrates to the examiner that you have not mastered that particular skill. It also means the issue could become a serious or dangerous fault under different road conditions.
• Not Having the Correct Information of the Vehicle.
• Not Having The Correct Knowledge Of The Road Signs
• Hesitation and Less Confidence.
• Not Wearing the Helmet.
• Not Wearing the Seat-Belt.
• Now Watching the Road Ahead.
• Less Use Of Rear View Mirror And Side View Mirrors
• Not Using the Hand Signs.
• Touching the Foot to the Ground.
• Not Using Indicators.
• Not Using Both the Hands on the Steering Wheel.
• Driving Very Fast or Very Slow.
• Using the Handbrakes in A Wrong Way.
All these mistakes lead a person to fail the driving license test in RTO. So avoid doing these common faults, and you can pass the test.

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