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What are the Highway Driving Rules That Everyone Should Follow?


1. Lane Discipline!

This is one of the most important highway driving rules. Please stick to your lane until you need to slow down or overtake. If you want to switch lanes, use indicators because the traffic behind you should be highly aware of your next move. Driving in between 2 lanes at high speeds makes it very difficult for the cars behind you to go ahead confidently.

2. Actively Use Mirrors

This is an addition to the previous point, but it’s equally important. Every single movement at high speeds is crucial, especially one that involves changing directions. Before you switch lanes, check your mirrors and make sure that there’s no one immediately behind/beside your vehicle. Erratic movements can result in some very severe repercussions, so please look and then make your move.

3. Always Be Attentive

Yes, we know driving along, chatting with everyone is fun and we all love it. But we should always be extremely aware of what is happening around us on the road. Try to plan your lane movements according to the traffic in front, so that you don’t make any sudden moves. Plan your movements so that vehicles coming behind you can plan theirs!

4. Know your Vehicle’s Limits

Okay, we understand the urge to go faster, but it’s also important to listen to your vehicle. The hard truth is that some vehicles are just not made to be pushed, and these are the ones that sell in high numbers. An easy way to gauge this is to observe the RPM of your car. The higher it goes, the more you’re pushing the car. While cruising, the RPMs should ideally lie in between 2.5-3.5k.

5. Make sure your vehicle is ready to hit the road

Get your Vehicle checked before going on a Long Drive. This is amongst the most understated highway driving rules. Under-maintenance of cars is a very real issue, and it leads to many accidents. So make sure that your car is ready, rollover to any outlet and get a thorough inspection done by the most talented crew!

6. Always wear your Seatbelt

You might think that this point is too obvious to state, and it is, but a lot of people still do not wear their seatbelts. We cannot stress enough on the importance of wearing a seatbelt. YOUR AIRBAGS WON’T DEPLOY IF YOU DON’T WEAR A SEATBELT! Manufacturers are also actively ensuring people wear seatbelts by installing alarms and warnings. However, Indians have found too many ‘Jugaads’ to avoid all these warnings.

7. Do Not Over-speed

Over-speeding is one of the biggest reasons that cause accidents on highways. We are not experienced enough to handle cars/bikes at such high speeds, and it gets very difficult to maintain stability and control vehicles. The best way is to maintain a stable speed, where you and your passengers are comfortable and your vehicle is 110% in your control.

8. Avoid Sudden Movements

Refrain from changing lanes suddenly, or braking too hard suddenly on the highways. Vehicles behind you are carrying a lot of momentum, and it might not be easy for everyone to gauge your movement and apply brakes in time.

9. Be Present at the Moment

Driving is all about the presence of the mind and amazing reflexes. Vigilance is the most important skill that a driver should be equipped with. Always be aware of what’s going on ahead of you, behind you and on your sides. Now, this doesn’t mean that you look at your mirrors more than looking at the road! Maintain a good balance and keep an eye on all moving things around you.

10. Do Not Push Yourself

Munching miles is fun, but one should only munch the amount one’s body can digest. Meaning, do not drive if you’re feeling tired, burnt out or sleepy. Stop at the side, freshen up and then continue. An extra half-hour won’t harm anyone.

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