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How to deal with emergencies?


Brakes Failure:

Pump the brake pedal; this might temporarily restore hydraulic brake pressure. If this does not work, gently apply the parking brake. Hold the release button while applying the parking brakes. Once you stop call for help. Do not drive the vehicle.

Accelerator Pedal Sticks:

Lift the pedal by slipping your foot under it. Do not try to fiddle with the pedal with your hands. Do not brake hard. Turn on your four-way emergency flashers, shift to neutral and stop the vehicle on the left shoulder of the road. Turn off the ignition and do not drive. Call for help.

Headlights Go Out:

Check the switch immediately. If the headlights don’t work, turn on the four-way emergency flashers immediately and bring your vehicle to a safe stop, off the road. Call for help. It is dangerous to drive at night without lights.

If a Tyre Blows Out:

Blowout causes a lot of steering and wheel vibration. Immediately take your foot off the accelerator to slow down and steer the vehicle firmly in the direction you want to go. Bring the vehicle to a stop off the road.

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